Team E+E

Come out to the E&E Compound and learn escape, evasion and survival skills.

E&E Compound

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Team E&E [TEE] are various types of training courses and instruction for both private groups and corporate events looking to learn how to develop fundamental strategies and skills in the world of escape, evasion, and survival in a format that transfers into everyday life.

Topics Covered:
- situational awareness
- tracking
- spoor
- deception trails
- performing under pressure
- mindset

Ticket Includes:
- 1 day of training
- training equipment
- catered on site meal

Required Gear:
- good attitude
- water
- hat

Course Location:

E&E Compound or UNDISCLOSED Location.

Training inquiries

MMA Academy Plc.

224 Webflow Boulevard,
San Francisco, CA 22001

+1 (0) 123 456