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Grew up on columbia river

Joel was raised in a small logging town in Washington State on the Columbia River. Growing up, Joel had no direction but only knew he wanted something that would challenge him and was searching for a path that would be the most rewarding and the most risky. Joel can recount a story when he was 10 years old about his father’s friend who tried out to be a SEAL but quit during a training exercise where he had to be revived after he was thrown in the water with hands and feet tied behind his back and tested to survive. As a kid, Joel would always swim in the deep end of the pool and think about that story. Then at 22 he sold off everything he owned to run off and go after his dream of becoming a Navy SEAL Frogman.


Joined Navy in 1998, BUD/S Class 220 - in Hell Week Joel broke both legs and rolled to Class 222, checked into SEAL Team 2, switched to Team 4, retired after becoming Second Phase BUD/S instructor and LPO at the Naval Special Warfare Center.


Operated in Kosovo, Eastern Europe, Afghanistan. Awarded Army Commendation Medal with V for Valor for actions under fire in Afghanistan.

buds instructor

One of the most rewarding experiences in Joel’s military career was being a Second Phase BUD/S instructor. He took on this new role with the understanding that helping to create the next generation of Frogmen is as important as serving in combat. During his time as an instructor, Joel earned the designation “Master Training Specialist” in recognition of superior training and briefing skills and was consistently in the top 10% of instructor staff.

acting career

After retiring out of the military, Joel was drawn back into the world of film, television, and entertainment. Some of his film work includes roles on American Sniper, Transformers, Patriots Day, Nightcrawler, How I Got There, and Mad Men.

MANHUNT on Discovery

Joel stars in 2 seasons of MANHUNT with Joel Lambert on Discovery Channel where he and his team insert into foreign and domestic territories and attempt to get to their extract point days away having to escape and evade the worlds most elite military and law enforcement tracking teams.

Predators Up CLOSE
on Discovery

Joel stars in Predators Up Close on Discovery Channel where he and his team reveal nature's apex predators coming face-to-face with lions, hyenas, polar bears and sharks as they have never been seen before.


Joel is a hard core gamer at heart and has worked with Call of Duty: Ghosts doing the main character movement library with Rico, Mike Ritland’s [SEAL / Warrior Dog Foundation Owner] dog. Joel has also worked with Xbox’s military science fiction franchise Halo.

E&E Mobile

Building his foundation in the Teams to then expanding his expertise of escape and evasion on MANHUNT in nearly every kind of environment around the world, Joel has more experience in E&E than anyone. Now at the intersection of technological capabilities available alongside Joel’s deep love for gaming, Joel’s next mission is to bring the most immersive augmented reality game of escape and evasion to mobile. Joel’s team is currently building in the prototype phase.


Yes, it’s true… Every SEAL get’s a book deal upon checking into their first Team. [JK]. Joel’s focus with the Bug-In Guide is focused on how to turn your house into the safest place on earth. It’s not the typical, ‘No sh*t, there I was…’ kind-of-book. It’s a practical guideline how to better protect you and your family by taking simple actions to ensure safety and success if something were to happen. In today’s environment, these skills are a valuable asset.


Want to learn escape and evasion in-person with Joel and his team? Learn more about hosted events for your group to train, learn effective team building and problem solving skills at the E&E Base.

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