What is the Bug-In Guide?

After the Navy, I got recruited by Discovery Channel to star in Manhunt, a reality TV series where I would infiltrate different security areas of various countries. Once I did, my mission was to evade and escape their special operations force, or some other elite task force, as they would try to take me down before I reached my extract point. Usually several days away. It was a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, where every mistake could be my last. I would use counter-tracking and anti-tracking techniques, lay down deception trails, and set booby traps to attempt to evade my pursuers and get away clean. And I did all of that while surviving a very hostile environment full of wild beasts and snakes, sourcing my own food and water, attending to injuries with nothing but plants. They would get to use a Humvee, surveillance drones, and every other advanced tool they had at their disposal. It was an unfair fight, but thanks to my unique SEAL training and extensive combat experience, it was a fight. I was able to win nine times out of 10.

Around the same time, on social media and the public eye, bug-out bags became cool. Bugging-out is grabbing a big bag full of essential survival items and leaving your house With it in case of a natural or man-made disaster. The idea is to survive in the wild with whatever you have in your bug-out bag until things cool off. Since I was doing pretty much exactly that on Manhunt, I would often be asked my thoughts on the matter. What was in my bug out bag? Would I endorse or help create a mass marketed bug-out bag?

I never addressed that question publicly.

Escape and evasion, which is the military version of bugging-out, is always the last resort, except for a very few unique and rare circumstances. It is the final option once everything that can go wrong has. This book is my answer. I never wanted to teach people how to bug-out. What I wanted to do was create the first guide for bugging-in. So don’t run and learn how to turn your house into the safest place on earth with this effective step-by-step guide.




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